About DejaFlow

DejaFlow is a fully automatic connector from Microsoft Offce 365 to Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts. Created by CompanionLink, the leading pioneer for Outlook/Mobile Device and Google Calendar Sync.

For many people who want to sync Calendar, DejaFlow is a free service. You enter your Microsoft Office 366 credentials, Authorize your Google account, and your Calendar will immediately begin to flow. The flow is fully automatic and happens whenever you make a change. Unlike related products like Microsoft Power Automate, and Zapier, DejaFlow is automatic. There is nothing more to set up.

DejaFlow can synchronize from Microsoft Office, Outlook-dot-com, Windows Live, Act! CRM Premium Web. It can connect to any Google or G-Suite account.

You can try DejaFlow for free for 14 days. If you connect fewer than 500 records, then your account is free forever. Most people have less than 500 records in their calendar. The system will tell you exactly how many records you are connecting using DejaFlow.

For paid accounts, 500-5,000 records runs $5 per month, billed once every three months. The paid option also allows you to set specific folders to sync. You can have as many flows as you want for this combined record count. We offer a low cost option to pay 2 years in advance which offers a 50% savings over the quarterly billing.

We offer telephone technical support. If you need help please call us at (503)243-3400 hours 7am-3:30pm US Pacific Time.

DejaFlow is a powerful tool that's available to anyone using Microsoft 365, Office 365, Google, and Act! CRM. CompanionLink also offers many tools for PC based sync like CompanionLink for Outlook. With 30 years of experience with sync applications, let DejaFlow and CompanionLink make your Contact and Calendar sync effortless and automatic!

We'd love to hear you feedback.

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